Thursday, October 16, 2008

And for the 4th time in one year.........

We will be moving. I guess its no excuse to not post on our blog but, we have been working diligently to try and find a place to move. We have to be out of the place we are currently in by October 31st. The beginning of the month while Richard was at work I got a knock at the door. There was a couple there that said, hi we are ____ we are the new owners of this home. Much to our suprise because we had signed a year lease and our landlord hadn't told us that he was selling the house. Basically to make a long story short, they told us that we needed to move. We have had nothing but problems from this house, and it just keeps getting better. Luckily we have the oppurtunity to buy. We are thinking about a townhouse at Daybreak but, nothing is confirmed yet. We will see....Since I last posted we have had alot of things happen that are....worthy of posting. O well, I need someone to bug me when I don't update in a while so I will actually do it!!
On Sept 23rd Richard and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. I can't believe it has already been 3 years. Time goes by so quickly. We went to the cheescake factory. O man is that place good!!! I got a new cell phone and Richard decided he wanted to not get a gift in order to save up and get a really big one for Christmas. Richard also brought these flowers home. Does any one recognize them? They are the same ones that we had in our wedding.

I think it has been about 2 months since I posted anything about Phoenix. He has started eating big boy food and loves it. In fact, he would love if he could just eat our food instead of his own. He will turn 6 months old on Sunday and is almost the size of a toddler. We haven't had his 6 month yet but, he is almost 22 pounds.
He loves it when I take off his clothes and let him feed himself.
We were a Costco a few weeks ago and Richard decided this rug for his bedroom would be cute since we are doing an animal theme. Phoenix seems to like it.
Last month we had stake temple day in our new stake. Erin and I decided that it would be fun to go do baptisms on her day off because she had never been to the Salt Lake Temple. We got in so quickly, they weren't even busy at all. She took this picture and a few days later we saw one for sale that was the exact same for like $300!!On Saturday and Sunday we celebrated Erin's 20th Birthday!!! She decided she wanted to go to Teppanyaki. Great choice!!! I also let her decide what type of dessert she wanted me to make. I made this delicious Chocolate Chip Bundt cake with cream cheese frosting. It replicates one that Nothing Bundt Cakes has in their store in Sandy except I did the frosting a little different.

Doesn't that make you just salivate!! MMMMM YUMMY. Don't worry he didn't eat to much paper!!

And on a finale note, here is Phoenix right after he has woken up from a nap! Bed head and all!

Sorry its been so long. I hope I didn't bore you with to many pictures!!


Chris, Alissa, and Parker said...

I was wondering when you were going to post again! Phoenix is so cute! I am excited to see him next Wednesday!

Tammy said...

Phoenix is a doll - I think he looks like Jon! Give Erin a big birthday hug for me :) And good luck with your house hunting. Exciting times!!!!!

Heidi and Jonathan said...

Yay on 3 years! That did go by fast! Not so Yay on the moving part... that really bites! Let us know when you guys are moving out and we can come help! We hope to see you at the Halloween Party! :)

Mike and Felisha said...

Hello!! I seriously can't believe how big Pheonix is!! He is way cute I love it!! Aren't they so cute when they feed themselves!! The only downfall is the clean up but they have a blast so it's alright!! I'm sorry you have to move if you need any help just call I'm excited if you move to Daybreak though cuz then you are closer to us and maybe we can hang out!! Hope to see you at the Halloween Party!!

The Bakers said...

Wow. Sucks you have to move. BUT, it's a great time to're lucky you don't have to sell something to buy something.

HAVE FUN WITH THAT! And Happy Anniversary and all that!

Shannon said...

Gosh! So crazy about the house thing. Sorry you have to move again. Daybreak is a gorgeous area and their townhomes are so nice. It's so fun to see pics of your little man, he's getting so big. Please O please bring him by XanGo again so I can really see him and hold him. :)