Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lessons in life

There are some experiences in life that happen that make us stop and think, ponder our motives and actions day to day. This week we have had the unfortunate oppurtunity to learn a valuable lesson and to have something happen that will be in our hearts and minds forever Something that makes us want to be a better person day to day.

The day before Thanksgiving Richard discovered that one of his best friend from high school had passed on. This was a huge shock to both of us. He hadn't talked to his friend in quite a while. Life just got the best of the both of them and never found the time to get together. He recently had found out that his friend had gotten involved drugs. To Richard this just didn't seem like him and he didn't believe it. It wasn't until the next day that we actually found out what had happened. This newly found addiction had overpowered him and he couldn't get a handle on it. He was becoming a person that he didn't want to be. A person he never wanted to become. He had been in rehab for the last 2 months. He wasn't making any progress. He was kicked out and headed home. A home that would have loved to have had him but only wanted him if he was clean. So, as hard as it was his wife told him that he couldn't stay. That night he took his own life.

I wish that I would have gotten to know him better. I wish that there wasn't regret for not staying in touch or for not being there for him in his time of need. Why do things like this have to happen for us to realize how precious our lives actually are and to realize how lucky we are from day to day not to have the adversary tempting us as strongly as he did to his friend. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. You can't even be certain that the one you love will come home at night. What if something were to happen? Have you told them how much they mean to you? The last time you saw or talked to them did you tell them you loved them?

It doesn't matter if we don't have a place to live. It doesn't matter even if we don't have a home for Christmas. We are lucky to have family like my sister Erin willing and able to help us with a place to live while we are "homeless" and living out of a suitcase. I feel very lucky to be have my wonderful husband and a healthy beautiful son to share my life with everyday.

As for us, we still don't have a house to live in. The home that we put an offer on in Riverton was not accepted although we offered over asking price someone offered more. We are still on the hunt. I really wanted to be able to be in a home for Christmas since I wasn't able to put up my own tree or decorate for Christmas last year but, it doesn't look like thats happening. Erin bought a condo in daybreak (South Jordan) with 3 bedrooms so, she invited us to stay there until we found a house.

Phoenix is growing up so much!! He has 2 teeth coming in and hes crawling all over the place. Although, he'd rather crawl to something and pull straight up!! Poor little guys has bumps and bruises all over his head because he likes to get into EVERYTHING and will try and pull up on everything and then let go!! I'm sorry we don't have our actual computer so we haven't been able to upload any pictures! I just have my work computer for now. But, here are some recent pictures of Phoenix from my phone.

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Shannon said...

Addiction is so hard to handle, especially when it's a loved one going through it - trust me I know. So sad that he ended his life due to those addictions. It is things like this that do make you take a step back a re-evaluate life.