Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it to late to resuscitate?!

No, I haven't forgotten about our blog. I really miss our blog in fact. And, of course I could have updated it but, it would be without words. Thats because our personal computer broke somehow. Maybe it was the stress of all the moves we made. I don't know but, we haven't had a way to upload our pictures to the computer and the only computers we use daily is our work computers. Hence why we have been MIA from the blogging world the past 2 months. For Valentines day I got a brand new camera!! I love it! With that camera came a nice little cord that plugs in to the computer! So, this morning I thought I would try to upload picture to my work computer and it worked! So, I am going to start updating our blog alot more!! Since the last time we posted alot has happened. We moved into our new home which we love! We did quite a bit of remodeling before we moved in and finally on New Years Eve we had our first night here. We were so exhausted that we went to sleep at about 10pm and didn't even stay up to celebrate 2009!! O well, there is always next year! When we bought our townhome there was linolium in the kitchen and bathroom and carpet in the dining area, entry way, living room and even in the master bathroom! The walls were white and the cabinets were a light brown color. So, we replaced all of the flooring downstairs to wood. In the entry way and in the bathrooms we put tile and then sanded, primed and painted the cabinets! We also painted the kitchen to a very light blue (its kinda hard to tell from the picture) and Phoenix' room. I will never remodel again! We didn't even do that much but holy cow it was alot of work! Here are a few pictures of our new home!
entry way
living room Dining area kitchen Phoenix' room
Master bath
We absolutely love our new neighborhood and new home! We couldn't be happier with our decision! Our neighbors are very nice and friendly! We also love our new ward! Although we can never really pay much attention during church we love going each week. Which is something new to us!! HAHA If we aren't trying to entertain Phoenix there is always someone else's child that is running around so, it is hard to pay attention but, we still enjoy it! Phoenix is getting used to the new schedule to. He normally takes a nap around 10 and since our church is at 9, he usually misses his morning nap. If we are lucky we can get him to fall asleep!

Yes, i did take a picture during Sunday school! I don't think anyone noticed though haha.

As for Phoenix he is getting so big and has got so much personality! He is so so close to walking and almost has 6 teeth! He will be 10 months old tomorrow! He loves music and has so much fun dancing to every song he hears even the hyms at church!

Richard and I are loving every minute of him! He is normally very very easy going and goes with the flow with wherever we take him or whatever we have him do! We go to costco atleast once a week and he is such a little charmer to everyone there!

He has been starting this really annoying thing that he wants to be more independent. He never really wants us to give him food or feed him, if we do no matter what it is he will spit it out. Even if it is something I know he likes! We had spaghetti 2 nights ago and he would not let me feed him. He doesn't understand that some things are just not finger foods and you have to use a spoon to eat it! So, I decided to try and let him just feed himself. Although spaghetti is not an easy finger food it didn't stop him from eating one little noddle at a time and also making a huge mess! He has also learned how to climb stairs very very well!

As for Richard and I we are loving our time together and with Phoenix. We love watching the Bachelor and I have told myself that I will not be sucked into that darn show next season. We also love watching 24 and the Office! Richard is really enjoying his new Xbox that I got him for Christmas. He is also loving that I don't complain as much as I used to when he plays Xbox live until 1am with his friends! He is working at a gun store (FBMG) part time to support his hobby. In 2 weeks I will be attending a concealed weapons permit class. So, that means that when Richard is not around I will carry a gun which will make me feel alot safer. Its something I have thought long and hard about. I am so exited for the spring to come and to be able to go outside!!! We have a little park right behind our house!! I also have started to really enjoy cooking! I love to go to this recipe blog. Erica (the author of the blog) is such a great cook! We love making everything from Cafe Rio pork salad to wingers sticky fingers (and if you say these things cannot be replicated you are very mistaken!) We also really love her recipe for Balsamic Asparagus Chicken. Anyway, I don't even know the girl I just stumbled upon her blog and have been going to it atleast 4 times a week for my recipes!! We have tried so many of her recipes that I could go on about how wonderful every single one of them are! Anway, the point is I have been enjoying to cook! I have also been doing alot more hair lately which I am very happy about! If you got all the way to the end of this, thanks for reading our blog :) I will update it more. I promise!!


Mike and Felisha said...

Ok the first thing I learned was that spaghetti will probably be a finger food for the next couple of years haha brynlee loves it and everytime we eat it I just strip her down and then after she goes straight into the bath!! Your house is way cute if I ever feel better I will come see it for sure!! I'm glad you finally updated!!

Chris, Alissa, and Parker said...

Yeah! You're back!!! Phoenix is so cute! He is getting so big! Also, I love your new house!

Paige and Garret Story said...

i loved ever second of your update! he's getting so big! we really need to get together... i know we always say that but let really do!

scott and jessica doman said...

it looks so nice kerra! how fun. i especially love the paint in phoenix' room. cute cute. glad to hear u didnt give up on blogging. haha i know its harder now with 2 kids so i dont update as much and because we dont hardly go anywhere either. but cute house.

Sharlene said...

good to see you are blogging again! that pic of phoenix with messy face is SOO cute!! how fun.

Rob and Tammy said...

Yea - you finally updated!! Your home is adorable!

Shannon said...

Ok, who's blog has these recipes? I love Wingers Sticky Fingers!

I LOVE how your place looks! The dark hard wood floors look amazing! Great job! Where do you guys live anyway??? Glad your back in the blogging world again. :)

Daniel, Lyndsie and Makai said...

Wow, your place looks beautiful! I love it. Phoenix it getting so big. What a stud!

Chris, Alissa, and Parker said...

You are not updating again!!