Monday, March 3, 2008

Just some random pictures.........

There are a few pictures that I wanted to post!!

These pictures are of our trip to San Diego in September for our anniversary. Not the best because I took them myselfbut, Richard thought it was funny because his hair was blowing in the wind!! Don't worry he didn't cut it for 4 more months, it got ALOT longer!!!!

Happy Valentines day!! This one was taken on Valentines day!!

Can anyone say SPOILED!?

You should se this little girl. She is not allowed on the couch and, she will go put her little nose on daddy's leg and then gradually pull herself up into his lap and fall asleep

Ever since we stopped kennel training we have let Roxi sleep on our bed with us. She has a "special" blanket that goes on our bed and whenever that blanket is she knows she is allowed to lay. Well, when the blanket is on our bed she can go up there, if its not she is UPSET especially if we are in bed and she isn't. But, being that the baby will be here in almost a month we have started training her to sleep on the floor. We thought it would be really difficult but, all we did is took her blanket off our bed and put it on her bed that we bought from costco. She has only tried to get on there one time since and has had no problems going to bed in her own bed and not ours! JEEZ that dog is spoiled but she is SMART!

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Heidi and Jonathan said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is my old blanket!!!!! I left it in your car during the food drive! Thanks Kerra, glad to see that you felt it was good enough for a dog!!