Thursday, February 28, 2008

Watch out!!!

Uh oh... Now Richard's posting something on here... Good bye baby stuff and girly things, here comes a Man post! This here is my new appendage so all of the guys that read this blog (I know it isn't many) and even some of you ladies that would like to go shooting just let me know! I can't believe Kerra let me get it!!!


Rindy's said...

Oh no!! Now that Mike knows Jared and Richard have one he's going to want one. He was talking about it when Jared was showing us his oh man. Hahaha actually I might not have to worry cuz he thinks blogging is stupid so he probably wont ever see it we will just have to keep him away from Richard at game night!!!

The Bakers said...

What!?!? Lucky! I wanty! I can't very well run Frank's Hot dog stand alone as a female with cash money and no WEAPON!