Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Girls weekend!

My cousin Tammie and my mom
My cousins cute little girl Ashlyn

At the end of January my mom sister and cousin and I decided that we needed a weekend to ourselves. At first we planned to go somewhere, we were gonna go to Florida then we were gonna go to San Diego but....after we couldn't exactly figure out what we would do in each of those cities without a whole lot of money we decided we would stay home and have a girls weekend and try to be invisible to the men of the house. My mom has turned their outside shed into a huge scrapbook room and since I hadn't even scrapbooked anything since high school much less pictures of Richard and I or our wedding, I decided that I really needed to get our wedding scrapbook done before the baby comes. Anyway, we took Friday and Monday off work and stayed in that room almost all day every day. We hooked up the cable, took out a microwave and we carried 2 love sacs in the room anyway, needless to say it was NICE! I got alot done!! Here are a few pics!!


Heidi and Jonathan said...

Kerra, I am so PROUD of you!!! I take it back, you are not fired from blogging! Glad to see you guys are doing well! Can't wait for the next game night!!

Rindy's said...

I need to take a few days and scrapbook I have a million pics of Brynlee now. I also can't wait for the next game night!!