Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My valentine!

First, I thought it was appropriate because of the week to share about my valentine. This will be our 3rd Valentines together (if you ask him he would say its been just 2 but, I say its 3) and I couldn't be happier. Richard and I fall in love more and more every day. If I continued this would probably go on for pages so, I will just leave it at that.
I love you babe
(These pictures aren't too recent but are some of my favorite of us, plus we don't take too many lately since i'm as big as a house :) )


The Bakers said...

You little cutie patooties!!!

The Bakers said...

PS I love that first picture. Richard looks like he's going to take you and have his way with you... ( "

scott and jessica doman said...

so cute! houw are you? Big as a house?hahahha did you guys want to do game night next sat?