Friday, May 2, 2008

Whatcha talkin bout Willis.

Oh the things you learn about while you are home all day with a sleeping baby. Y0u would think that the only thing to watch at 2 in the afternoon is soaps right? Oh no, divorce court comes on at 2pm. Yesterday and today on Divorce court they aired parts 1 and 2 of Gary Coleman vs Shannon Price. Gary and Shannon met on the set of Church ball and started dating. They have been married for 7 months and are now on divorce court to try and resolve their differences. There is a 28 year difference between Gary and Shannon.

How old do you think Barbara Walters is? Late 60's early 70's right? Oh no, I found out today that Barbara Walters will be 80 years old next year!!! That is nuts!! This morning on The View they showed some really young pictures of her, she is really pretty. I can't find the ones they showed but, I did find something that will work. She has aged very well. I wonder really how much work she has had done?!??!
Who knew you could find out so many interesting things with free time.


Em said...

KERRA!! You are SO funny!! I loved this post! Are you still working for JB>??????

The Bakers said...

So true. That free time drove me nuts eventually. Hence, me working for XanGo. ( "