Friday, May 16, 2008

He has eyes!!!!!!

So the past few days we have discovered that our little boy indeed does have eyes, we were told it would happen did!!! I swear the kid is going through a growth spurt as he is eating every 2 1/2-3 hours!!
So, last week I was not feeling very good so, I went to bed early. I woke up at 3am to thisRichard had Phoenix last Thursday night while we were watching our weekly thursday shows and he had fallen asleep on him like normal. Well on a typical night when we are ready to go to bed I will get Phoenix ready for bed and change his diaper and by that time he is normally hungry. On this night I went to bed pretty early and then woke up at 3 am and looked in Phoenix's bassinet to baby there. I look over on the couch to see this. So I wake them up and asked Richard why he was sleeping on the couch and he told me that he knew I didn't feel good so he just didn't move and slowly layed down on the couch trying to keep Phoenix from waking up so that I could sleep. What a good daddy!!
A couple days later Richard got him dressed for the day.
Today Phoenix discovered he likes to be held and nothing else while he is awake. Today he was awake from 7:30 am until about noon and didn't have any interest in being in his bouncer or playing with his toys on the floor. He only wanted me to be right by him while he was playing or holding him. I never knew it would be so hard to actually put some clothes on or take a 5 minute shower. Finally I got in the shower and ate for the first time today at 12:30 but not after I acomplished this.......That said, I love being a mother and can't imagine our lives without him.


Daniel, Lyndsie and Makai said...

What a sweet picture! Richard sounds like a great help and a very good daddy. You guys have such a cute little family.

Kip & Erica Prestwich said...

Kerra- He is just the sweetest little guy. I love that you named him Phoenix that is such a cute name for a little boy. Well I hope everything is going well with your new little addition. Oh I am going to add ya to our blog. Kip and I have one, it's


Em said...

Oh, Kerra...I remember the feeling of not eating until the the afternoon and/or not being able to shower bc my little one was NOT interested in anything but me! ha ha goes by SO quickly, though, and I don't even remember it...and my baby is only 8 months old, so, just wait! My husband did sweet things like that too..staying up with Mason while I tried to sleep. What a great daddy and husband Richard is!

Mike and Chelsey said...

He's adorable. We need to come see him sometime!

Mike and Chelsey said...

Yeah, this weekend sounds fun...I'll call ya! By the way, your comment made me cry! haha, You feel my pain!

Reagan and Jon said...

he is adorable. that is a cute pic of the nap. :)

Shannon said... precious!!!